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“It’s her audacity for me” Netizens slam Judy Austin for advising ladies living a wayward life

Judy Austin admonishes ladies living wayward life

Nollywood actress, Judy Austin has left many baffled as she admonished ladies living a wayward life.

Days back, her pastor husband had teased her appearance at his weekly Sunday Service, and keeping to his words, he had brought his wife on the Live stream where she sent a message to ladies living wayward lifestyles.

Judy spoke on how female students, who were sent to school, easily get diverted from their studies because of relationships. She noted how such ladies become wives while in school and ditch their studies for their men, because of riches.

Judy admonished ladies not to fall into peer pressure as she warned them to avoid self-destruction.

“What about girls that go to school to read, to gain knowledge that would shape your life, you focus on playing the girlfriend role to your boyfriend probably because he is rich and you get carried with Benz.

And you are a student probably 17/18 or 21. What you need as a young girl is to be playing the wife role to another student boy who knows nothing. These types of ladies keep long lashes and nails. What are you trying to prove or look like? You are the IT girl, no you are not. That’s you being distracted from what you were sent to school to do.

If you are a young girl, who isn’t ready for marriage do not allow peer pressure put you into what you cannot explain or defend. Don’t destroy yourself with your own hands. Do not do it because you see your friends living a lavish lifestyle”.

Taking to the comment section, many slammed the pastor’s wife for her audacity as they noted how she was a home wrecker.

One Presh Hxxxx wrote, “Is the audacity for me. Aunty you thief person husband even use jazz on top. Now you’re talking about ladies living a wayward life

One Iteoluwa Konishilaila wrote, “Mummy and Daddy G.O Oppooorrrrr thank God that thunder doesn’t just kill people anyhow

One Molly Nma Blessed wrote, “Using TikTok to cash out. YouTube did not work. See who is advising her 15-year-old daughter is already pregnant. She got pregnant by a married man. Mrs Obasi should focus on her daughter who’s roaming the village

One Olikeze Amaka Jane wrote, “Depression is at work here. I believe these two are hearing voices. God is not an author of confusion

One Hrm Cee Jay wrote, “Right message; wrong messages. The two of you are clowns that don’t have mirrors

One Winning With Jesus wrote, “Na TikTok their church dey happen? Toor then never really talk their mission. Tap! Tap! Tap

One Natasha wrote, “They both need prayers”.

A few days back, her husband, Yul had admonished couples planning a big wedding to go ahead with it. He advised them to do what makes them happy and shouldn’t allow anyone to decide how they should spend their money.

According to him, if having a big wedding would pain their haters, then it should pain them well. However, what he doesn’t approve of is having to beg to have a big wedding.

In recent news, Edochie sent a quick PSA to his haters as he invited them to watch his ministerial live event.

Taking to his Instagram page, he obliged all the witches and wizards who were carrying his matter on their heads to come and listen to the word of God.

He also further expressed that the word of God which they would listen to would help their life. He stated that most of these people were carrying his matter on their heads when it was not any of their business.

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