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“Trying to gaslight the whole country” netizens react to claims by Naira Marley’s lawyer that Mohbad was never assaulted

Naira Marley’s lawyer reveals Mohbad was never assaulted

In a recent live video featuring Naira Marley’s lawyer and Daddy Freeze, there was an attempt to debunk rumors surrounding an alleged assault on Mohbad.

This controversy stemmed from a video that had surfaced shortly after Mohbad’s death, showing Sam Larry, Naira Marley’s aide, apparently striking Mohbad from behind during a video shoot. Naira Marley’s lawyer, however, has strongly asserted that Mohbad was never assaulted, shedding new light on the situation.

According to the lawyer, there was a longer version of the video that had not been widely circulated. He explained that on the same day as the incident, contrary to public perception, everyone involved had gathered to share a meal of Amala together, which suggested that they were on good terms.

The lawyer clarified that Sam Larry had been near the shooting scene where Mohbad was filming a music video and had become curious about another nearby video shoot.

Being a musical talent himself, Sam Larry had approached Mohbad from behind, but Zlatan, who was also part of the video shoot, had intervened to stop him. The lawyer emphasized that the video had been taken out of context, and he intended to share the extended version of the video, including the moments when they were all dining together, with Daddy Freeze. This, he believed, would help clarify the situation.

It was further revealed that Mohbad had filed a petition against Sam Larry for assault, but there was no concrete evidence to substantiate the claim that he had actually been assaulted. Naira Marley’s lawyer expressed his willingness to share the extended video with Daddy Freeze, who could then decide whether to make it public or not.


virtuousi: “Not them trying to gaslight the whole country.”

xpensive_fatima: “See his head like dining table (92)”

thefoodnetworknig2: “I mean, with a head like is eruwa and mouth like w, no truth is expected from his mouth! Opuro lawyer…”

africanflamingo_: “This is how his innocent children go carry curse they know absolutely nothing about.”

jeffryprettypretty: “I wasn’t expecting any good from him, immediately I see his head, God abeg.”

itskenny_o: “This lawyer na Oloriburuku somebody.”

It’s worth noting that Naira Marley and Sam Larry had returned to Nigeria to assist in the investigation of Mohbad’s death. In recent developments, the police had named the primary suspect in Mohbad’s case as the auxiliary nurse who had administered an injection to Mohbad before his tragic demise.

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