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Nedu Wazobia lands into trouble as Islamic group calls for his head

Nedu Wazobia

An unknown Muslim man named Akabe Ibrahim Usman, has accused popular Nigerian comedian, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel better known as Nedu Wazobia of blasphemy against Islam.

Nedu Wazobia is known for dressing like a Middle Eastern man with a Hausa accent in his comedy.

According to Akabe Ibrahim Usman, “Chinedu is sabotaging every effort of Islamic teaching and its values while, his randy attitudes of womanising in his comic films are not only parallel to the dignity of a Muslim Hausa man he is representing but subjugating the good conducts of Islamic virtues.”

See his full post addressed to Muslims below;

As salamu’alaikum warahmatullah!



NEDU WAZOBIA COMEDIAN aka ALHAJI MUSA to STOP the blasphemous act of using Islam religion for comedy

The way some comedian actors use religious imitations and names to crack laughter, is a slander upon Islamic rites.

Religion is a said to be sacred doctrine that requires special respect from all humanity. God created all of us to worship Him and He said “Do you think we created you to play that makes you doubt of coming back to us?” Qur’an, Al-Muminuun, 115.

While, “the case is the same with other religions because there is no religion that entertains mockery on itself”. Muhammad B Muhammad FB post.

“In Islam, it is said when people become loose to their religion, the people will become wayward and lost the Lord’s glory”. Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo 2019.

Moreso, The law of Nigeria forbids the use of discreet words on the religions of people by any means or use any display that disputes the ethics of any religion.

Its worrisome to note one Chinedu Ani Emmanuel an Igbo Christian who is popular known as Sister Nnkechi and Alhaji Musa can never do justice to Islamic religion and the culture of Hausa people he is imitating to make living. His plays are full of flaws to the condition of Hausa cultural norms and values.

Truly, Chinedu is sabotaging every effort of Islamic teaching and its values while, his randy attitudes of womanising in his comic films are not only parallel to the dignity of a Muslim Hausa man he is representing but subjugating the good conducts of Islamic virtues. Even the Muslim comedians participate in this deregulatory act.

I look at this unlawful jest as catastrophic incidence which will never yields an ideal divine endowment to our existence as humans of knowledge and religion.

Therefore, Muslim should rise to protect their religion before they fades away and become puppets in the hands of the coming generation by constituting committees among them to halt this doom that is befalling our existence, surely the act is evoking the wrath of the God upon people.

They should let their people know how those dehumanizing attitudes are putting the country at stake of jeopardy.

Finally, The authority of Muslim Ummah should stand to this and enact laws that will look at the display and write-ups of comedians to reduce our burdens of atroties to the entire nation.

Yours: Akabe Ibrahim Usman

For social justice

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Reacting to the post, one Aliyu Mohammed Yola wrote; “Malam Musa or the jallabiya which one is wrong he never make fun with Qur’an or make fun with our prophet peace be upon him, I see no reason to this. For a start am not in a fun of comedians.”

One David Augustine wrote; “Stupidity at it’s best. Brother preacher, before you go looking for who to kill in the name of your religion, go get some education and understanding. Your writing here shows you as one lacking in sound education and sound reasoning. Your Campaign is bigoted and aimed at inciting your zealots against the comedian. Take a chill my brother there are a thousand and one things that threaten you, your religion and even your country more than a comedian. Shame on you.”

Razak Khalid wrote, “Did he use Quranic verse to create fun??you Guys should leave him alone”

John Sunday wrote; “Hausa is a language and not a religion….more over thats a middle east outfit “

Abdul Aziz wrote; “Who said this type of dressing represents Islam???? This dressing is just an Arab and the Jewish dressing. Go to Israel they also dress like this. Why must we take everything like this?Calling himself Alhaji in some of his comedy. Where’s Alhaji written in the Quran?”

Abubakar Usman Danladi wrote, “To me, I have been following his comedy for long. I have never heard him mimicking the Quran, Rosul or Islam, he only mimick a typical hausa character in his jokes. I don’t see reason why somebody will just raise an opinion that doesn’t hold water and people are taking it serious. Instead of you people tackling those that mention Allah before carrying out their evil deeds. Please, brothers and sisters in Islam, don’t contribute to matters you have no idea of in order to save you and your religion. May Allah ease our affairs”

One Jafaru wrote, “Time wasting indeed! When did that dressing ever specified to Muslim only?? That dressing is an Arabian dressing and not limited to only Muslim. We should defend Islam the right way not this way.”

Abubakar Mustapha wrote, “You are becoming ignorant in some of your post this time around ….. live that man alone, just look at our tv station and social media platforms when some people are calling themselves mallams, Look at how our young zongo girls dress naked whiles boys are also doing drugs, teenage pregnancy in our society”

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1 Comment

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    January 31, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    everything about isalm is asking about people head killing one another

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