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“The peace I have found comes from you” Actress Nancy Isime writes letter to God as she turns 31

Nancy Isime celebrates 31st birthday

Nollywood actress and media personality, Nancy Isime has written a letter to God as she turns 31 today, December 17th.

The damsel of many parts took to Instagram to share stunning photos.

Grateful for chapter 31, Nancy revealed that she knew the 3rd floor will be the best years of her life and she wasn’t wrong at all.

In a letter to God, she expressed gratitude to Him for everything, most especially, the peace she has found that comes from him.

“Chapter 31.

I knew the 3rd floor will be the best years of my Life and I wasn’t wrong at all!!!

Dear God,
Words can’t describe.
Words aren’t enough.

Thank you…. For everything!
This peace I’ve found can only come from you.

Thank you!
It’s my birthday everyoneeeeee”.

Nancy Isime’s 30th birthday

For her 30th birthday last year, the uber-talented actress and TV host ushered her big day in with a winter wonderland themed party, with the dress code – Icy.

The event was graced by top entertainment personalities, her family and friends.

Reminiscing on the kind of love she received on her big day, Nancy was left in tears.

She also recalled how life had treated her which made her go into depression, became suicidal and never believed she would make it to age 30.

Nancy Isime shared a video of herself shedding tears of joy and captioned it,

“So, I usually will do a gratitude post with a cool picture but decided instead to use this candid video by my dearest friend @vokepetra ❤️

This was me everytime I picked up my phone on my birthday, I was surrounded by friends and when they turn to look at me, I was always in tears!😅Voke just had to document it at some point.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve looked forward to my 30th all my life but didn’t even imagine I’ll be in a space this amazing!❤️

Nancy’s birthday appreciation note

As a child/teenager who suffered depression and was suicidal, I really didn’t think i’ll make it to 30. I always thought I’d take my life before then so this is such a big deal to me!

To be here, in good health, sound mind, surrounded by the most amazing people online and offline, experiencing love in its truest form? sigh

And yes I feel all my emotions, I cry when I’m happy, sad, overwhelmed, in love e.t.c. It’s the only way to live…in every single moment.

My people finished me with love at Nancy’s winter wonderland and I can’t wait for the photos and videos to be ready so I can talk about it properly with visuals.

For now, here’s me saying the BIGGEST Thank you to every single one of you who celebrated me on my birthday.Thank you for your amazing messages, heartfelt captions, beautiful words and just overwhelming me with your love❤️

When I count my blessings, I count each of you twice!
Thank You!!!!❤️🥺

Words aren’t even enough🥺 I want to kiss all of you😩😅😷
Please forgive me if I haven’t responded to your post yet, I’m trying to get to every single post.”

Nancy Isime celebrates 31st birthday
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