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‘My studio just got burnt down, all my investment in special effects gone!’ – Hakeem Nollywood cries out

Today, Monday June 13 will forever remain green for Nigerian movie industry special effects guru, Hakeem Onilogbo, CEO Hakeem Effect Concept, as his office got razed by fire – Special effects is an illusion created for films and television by props, camera work, computer graphics, etc.

The native of Abeokuta via his Instagram page, cried out after fire burnt down his investments worth millions of naira.

“Thank God …no life lost…..I was just called that .my studio just got burnt down…all my investment in special effects…gone!….I will forever be praising you Almighty……June 13th a day to be remembered,” he wrote.

In an earlier interview, Hakeem Effect as he is fondly called spoke on how he started his career and the Challenges he faced.

“I started my trade with the Yoruba film making genre of Nollywood. Initially, I had wanted to be an actor, I did not have any formal training nor mentors but I invested in my make-up art talents. I realized that I could do replica of anything I see without being taught. It was quite challenging because no one was ready to accept me and those that did gave me a lowly pay. Afterwards, I met a Nollywood actor, Ernest obi, who gave me a chance to work on his set,he gave me an opportunity to showcase my work to other Nollywood film makers. I am also currently working on several cinema projects now across Africa, God Choose me and trained me and sent me forth to start special effect. The brand slogan: “I am nothing but just a pencil in the hand of my creator” continually gives me a reason to work harder to achieve more progress.”

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