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My husband fainted when our son was delivered – Toyin Abraham

Nollywood actress, filmmaker and producer, Toyin Abraham, has revealed that her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi fainted after they had their son, Ire.

In a chat with Vanguard Allure, the actress whose son will be turning one in a few weeks said “I actually recorded everything because I had a caesarean section.  I was given an injection that numbed my back. I know I was having an operation but didn’t feel it, I was just talking. I remembered the moment they brought my baby out, my husband saw him and fainted. It was a sweet experience. It wasn’t easy but we thank God.

Motherhood has really changed a lot about me. Even before I had my baby, my husband had already changed me. Motherhood is like icing on the cake. It has really changed my mentality, my thinking; in fact it has changed everything about me. Now I know I am living for someone. I am living for something.”

Toyin Abraham criticized for sharing childbirth video
Toyin Abraham during child birth

Speaking further on how the Covid-19 has affected her and her income, she said “It’s not easy, trust me. I can’t even work. You know it’s easy for older children to say ‘mummy, I have a headache’ but for a baby, she cannot tell you how she is feeling. As for work, it’s just my husband who has been working for now. But when I have shoots and some endorsements,  I go. When I do, I go with my thermometer and hand sanitizer. Once I get home, I quickly take my shoes off and wash my hands. I must confess it hasn’t been easy at all.

It has really affected us in the movie industry. My new movie Fate of Alakada which I shot in collaboration with Filmone, cost close to 45 Million. I put almost all my money into that project which was an investment: and now, they said the cinema can’t open. So, my whole investment is stuck somewhere and we are not shooting like before. Everybody is just being careful. 

Some production outfits, when you want to work with them, they would insist on you taking a Coronavirus test and I heard the test is painful. So, it has really affected us.

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