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”My biggest prayer is to understand the Muslim faith” – Tonto Dikeh expresses interest in Islam

Actress Tonto Dikeh has recently revealed to fans the most beautiful sound she wakes up to every morning, and that is the call for the Muslim prayer.

“I wake up to the best sound everyday for the past years. It’s a sound of love and dedication, the sound of Gods beauty and love.

Tonto Dikeh talks about her interest in the Muslim faith.

If wanted to donate to a mosque what do I give asides money? God bless every Muslim and more especially every Muslim I hear your prayers. May Allah answer you.

GOD/ALLAH IS LOVE. I’m deeply touched.. (My biggest prayer is to understand the Muslim faith)

Tonto Dikeh talks about her interest in the Muslim faith.

Their dedication and intentionality (if there is a word like this) is worthy of emulation.(I feel like going over to the mosque now to ask why they didn’t pray today?”

While she didn’t expressly state that she would be converting to Islam, it is clear that Tonto Dikeh is very much interested in learning about the Muslim faith, and she also mentioned that she would like to give back to the Mosque around her.


nkovo_01 wrote, “One thing thrills me about this faith.that commitment to prayers.”

symply_lateefah wrote, “Ma’am you can try giving the mosque foodstuffs to share to the members of the community or ask if there is anything they need in the mosque”

chimmysconfectionaries wrote, “Because of you I’m beginning to think these beliefs about zodiac signs are true, this is my exact
thoughts about muslims and to think we were born same day”

officialnilequeen_hiba wrote, “King Tonto…. I am happy ur touched…the sound is actually
amazing .if you don’t mind I can tell you more about it and answer some of ur questions. Love u loads.you can help them build a bore hole or dig a well too.”

bolajisparks wrote, “One thing I can say is you have always loved every one regardless of religion. You are just amazing”

avshaai wrote, “Alhmdulillah I have a Christian friend any time she didn’t see me praying! she ask me why am I not praying today”

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