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How music videos influence fathers to rape their daughters

music videos fathers raping daughters

Music videos today are gradually damaging our society without anyone voicing out against the glorified and celebrated danger.  These days, one cannot go a day without coming across the news of an old man who raped a 6-year old girl, or a father who raped his teenage daughter.

Such news have created fear among the innocent to the point of not trusting each other. An example is Morayo Aka-Bashorun, a TVC presenter who stated that she will never allow her husband bath their little daughter. According to her, she believes there is something flying out there which is pushing fathers into committing rape.

What is that thing out there and what is encouraging it to be bold enough to make a father sleep with his daughter? It is the immorality being celebrated in music videos. Today’s music videos hardly go without showing young girls aka video vixens almost naked and dancing lewdly around a musician. The looks of the ladies are always perfect that they confuse the thinking of the viewers and get them aroused.

Imagine a father watching MTV or one of those local TV stations and such video pops up, how do you think he’ll feel? It will only take the fear of God for such a man to change the station or not get fooled by the package of the devil.

Those fathers who are weak are sometimes the ones whose thinking gets messed up by such videos. It can happen to the point that when they see their teenage daughter who has been influenced to look and dress like the video vixens, they lose their senses and pounce on her.

Such men end up in jail or disgraced while the musicians who drop such lewd semi-porn videos smile to the bank.

Now is the time to call the attention of the authorities to this menace to society. Music video directors like Clarence Peters, Akin Alabi, Unlimited LA and others need to be cautioned or else the society will be corrupted to the point that they won’t be safe in it either.

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