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Moyo Lawal defends Bobrisky over his newly acquired derriere as they link up (Video)



Moyo Lawal links up with Bobrisky

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has come to the defense of famous crossdresser, Bobrisky over his newly acquired body.

It is no longer news that Bobrisky went under the knife to increase his backside, but a video of them reuniting which Moyo Lawal shared on her Instagram page proved otherwise.

The video, which is causing a stir online, left many questioning if the crossdresser indeed went under the knife or was only clout chasing.

Defending him, Moyo stated that Bobrisky was wearing a body shaper, which made it hard for him to shake his new derriere.

Moyo claimed that Bob is shy in real life, he, why she wasn’t shaking her derriere, and to add to it she was wearing a body shaper.

Addressing those who berated Bob for wearing body shapers beneath his leggings, Moyo stated that she does the same and also finds it hard to shake her derriere when wearing body shapers.

“My sugar mummy @bobrisky222
P.S. Hian you people, me too. I wear body shapers under leggings jare. Also, she is a very shy person which is why she wasn’t shaking bum bum jare and body shapers stiffen our body. Even for me jare!!!”.

Bobrisky flaunts his newly acquired body, days after his father’s death

Kemi Filani reported last week that Bobrisky had trended online after he unveiled his surgically enhanced body.

The crossdresser claimed he had gone under the knife to increase his backside.

He shared clips of him during the process, revealing that he still had a week to heal and promised to shut down the internet with photos of his new body.

Unfortunately, his plans were halted after the demise of his father, who has since been buried.

Barely three days after his death, the crossdresser had resumed his social lifestyle, sharing racy photos of him online.

Bobrisky flaunted his enviable curves as he shared a photo of him wearing a two-piece Calvin Klein lingerie.

James Brown tells Bobrisky as he tensions netizens with his newly acquired body

Reacting to it, his rival, James Brown had sent a message to him, urging Bobrisky to calm down and stop tensioning netizens.