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“Your killa still walks freely” Mother of late influencer Augusta finally breaks her silence



In a new disturbing development, the mother of the late influencer Augusta has come forward to share her distressing story.

Back in July, news shook the community when it was revealed that a guy named “killaboi” had reportedly killed his girlfriend, instagram influencer, Augusta. Even more shocking, he openly admitted his involvement through his Instagram story after Augusta’s mother discovered the truth.

Now, after two months of living with the painful loss of her daughter, Augusta’s mother has found the strength to talk about what’s been haunting her. She has revealed the unsettling fact that the person responsible for her daughter’s death remains free and has not faced any consequences.

In a statement released on social media, this is what she had to say,

“Your killer said he murdered you exactly two months today. He said it was a mistake but left your to rotten and immediately I discovered your body, he ran into social media to write rubbish meaning he killed you on purpose.

If it wasn’t on purpose and intentionally, he won’t still be running even after vour burial. There is no peace for the wicked!

Austa, kill your killer before you can rest. My mouth shakes while I’m talking, my hand shakes while I’m writing and my breath leaves me gradually while thinking of not getting to hold you again.

My mum as I fondly called you, it’s extremely difficult and painful to carry on without you. Night is long and so is the day because of lack of your presence. Please pray for me if you love and care for me and if you can help me to get justice for my angel, please don’t hesitate. My pieces is hard to gather up together again”

The initial incident was a shock to many because it involved someone Augusta had trusted, and the public learned about it through social media where the accused confessed. Netizens are hoping that the Nigerian law force will intervene to bring the killer to justice.