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“Most females condemning Mercy Aigbe are sleeping with married men secretly”- Esther Nwachukwu

Earlier in the week, actress Esther Nwachukwu made headlines when she shared a video criticizing a media personality who condemned Mercy Aigbe for marrying a new husband.

In a chat wit Kemi Filani News, Nwachukwu revealed that people condemning Mercy Aigbe will do worse if they find themselves in that situation.

“People bashing Mercy will do worse. Some of these females insulting her if they were to be in her shoes, will do worse. Most of the ladies bashing her are sleeping with married men secretly. That is what is called ‘Coded olosho’. That is what I was pointing out. Some of the ladies sleeping with these married men wish that the wife of the men they are sleeping with dies. .People calling her names wish to be in her shoes. Two people are involved in the issue, why is it that Mercy is the only one being held responsible for everything? The man should be insulted not only the lady. Two people should be held responsible not just the woman”.

The outspoken actress also said women shouldn’t be held responsible when men cheat.

“Ladies cannot be held responsible because a man cheats. Men see different ladies everywhere. Some are ugly, some are beautiful. You will keep seeing beautiful ladies as a man. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect yourself as a man. The moment you see a beautiful lady and you had fun with her, tomorrow you will see another beautiful lady that is more beautiful than that one. As a man, you should be able to control yourself. You shouldn’t go after many ladies because you want to cheat. Men should be able to develop self-control”.

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