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Mixed reactions trail Chacha Eke’s confession on her mental health struggle

Chacha Eke

Mixed reactions have trailed Nollywood actress Chacha Eke’s confession of her mental struggles.

The embattled actress, Chacha Eke Fanni recently opened up on her struggles with her mental health.

The mother of four said she recognized herself in the boy who destroyed his mother’s house.

Chacha Eke-Faani while reacting to the viral video of the damage a boy did to his mother’s house in a fit of rage, made some shocking revelations.

The initial reports claimed the boy is 12 and he destroyed properties in his mother’s house because his phone was seized.

The boy’s mother later spoke up to clear the air. She said her son is 15 and has a mental health crisis.

Reacting to the video, actress Chacha said she “recognises” herself in the boy because she had done the same thing the boy did.

She added that she had destroyed properties and damaged many items when she was having a mental health crisis.

“I have watched the viral video of the 12 year old boy who literally wrecked his mum’s house because she siezed his phone. Here I am making this video, hoping that somehow this video will get to the mother of the boy. Contrary to the popular opinion in the comment section of the video, all I have to tell you is that your son is sick. He is mentally unstable. He has mental imbalance. I know this because I recognize myself in your son through his actions. I have wrecked household properties, equipments, damaged all sorts, different times; material and immaterial,” she said.

Nigerians weren’t pleased with her confession as they dragged her.

A social media user identified as Onyi Empire write, “Cha Cha is always on and off! Speaking from both side of her mouth, she will still deny saying this tomorrow. We’re watching

Another Biafran Boy4: This Chacha shouldn’t have married. Her parents ought to know and they ought to have advised the man what He’s getting into. Honestly I pity her husband. Twice I’ve read her spewing nonsense about being abused not knowing she has mental health challenges. Mr Faani, God bless you but always watch your back please

One Sha Rongodwin wrote, “This one don reconcile with her husband, dey find scope to explain to the public

One Mistura wrote, “Chacha yours is due to drug and substance abuse, u want the truth, please stay away from your children so you don’t influence them with what you have just confessed to. It will live with them for a long long time

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