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Mixed reactions as Rita Daniels worries about daughter, Regina Daniels, says she is depressed

Social media users have reacted after actress, Rita Daniels expressed her worries about that her daughter, Regina Daniels.

According to Rita, Regina looks depressed and she would like to know what is disturbing her mind.

Read Regina and her mother’s conversation below;

“Mum: Why’re you looking depressed
Me: I’m not depressed, I just woke up
Mum: Stop lying to me, what’s making you depressed
Me; I swear I’m not
Mum: do you want to go out:
Me; No I don’t want to
Mum; Okay get ready do you can go make your hair”

Reacting to her mother’s question about her being depressed, Regina asked her followers on social media if she really does look depressed.

In her words; “Do I look depressed? Because ISDG” My strict but ever-loving mother. My younger sister is enjoying all her sweetness after we took her strictness”

See how some social media users reacted to this;

@chee_nwa wrote “Sometimes keep private conversations off social media… I can think of a thousand ways world pipu will spin this conversation right now”

@pretty_apryl wrote “She married a man 3x the age of her father … and u let it happen why would she not be depressed?? U failed as a mother ..”

@im_tyna wrote “Why do you feel she is depressed, I thought she is happily married courtesy of you”

@amadioha69 wrote “A gold digger gave birth to a an innocent girl and Nollywood destroyed her ….nonsense movies made the little girl think younger men can’t give her love …. this is madness”

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