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Actress Mide Martins finally reunites with her abandoned brother, Damilare Peters, as she storms his matriculation ceremony

Mide Martins

Nollywood actress Mide Martins has finally reunited with her brother Damilare Peters, the last child of her late mother, Funmi Martins.

This is coming a few months after Mide Martins was constantly dragged on social media for refusing to take responsibility for her brother.

However, beautiful photos that surfaced online show that Mide Martins has finally made peace with her brother as she stormed Damilare’s matriculation ceremony.

The photos captured Mide Martins hugging her brother and playfully wearing his matriculation wig.

Kemi Filani News recalls juju musician turn Bishop, Sir Shina Peters reacted to the claims that he abandoned, Damilare Peters, the son, late actress Funmi Martins had for him before her untimely death.

In a 9minutes video recording released on social media, Sir Shina Peters disclosed that there are some issues from the past that he wouldn’t want to delve into but assured he will now resume full responsibility for Damilare. He further disclosed that he has raised billionaires and also raised the other children of late Funmi Martins; Mide and Tunde Martins.

“I am no more a kid for crying out loud, I am over 60…I want to appreciate all mothers that rose up to this case…but it is always good to listen to both sides of a story and not just judge from one side….what happened is, …i can’t count the number of kids i have even helped that are not my biological kids…so why would Damilare’s case be any different?

I want you all to know that Damilare and i have been speaking for three days now and tomorrrow we will be see eye to eye and talk and i promise to take up responsibility of the boy.

I am a responsible father, I have raised billionaires….but please don’t turn this boy into a beggar please, because of his tomorrow since he has people that can fend for him..it is not that refused to take care of him, it is cos of issues from the past and I am not going to go back to those issues for peace sake.

I will send him to school, all my kids are educated so he will be spent to school….i raised his elder brother, Tunde Martins, I raised Mide Martins, so why won’t I raise him? ..so for now, …I will take it up and will not go the past issues then but i won’t talk about that cos of the boy’s future….he will shine….”

Mide Martins while reacting agreed to take responsibility for Damilare and shared her experience in the aftermath of her mother’s demise.

She wrote: Hello Everyone! My name is MIDE MARTINS. I’ll like to tell little part of my own side of the story. Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed greatly to the ongoing issue and also apologize sincerely to everyone that I might have hurt or disappointed in anyway I am deeply sorry from the depth of my heart. I didn’t want to say anything about this all the while because I believe it’s a family issue which should rather be settled amicably between ourselves rather than being dragged on social media. Anyone who knows me very well would know that I am a private person.

I personally do not really like sharing or celebrating on social media some things relating to my family like the annual remembrance ceremony of my late mother Funmi Martins which I duly observe every year in honor of her memory. When my mum late Funmi Martins passed away 19yrs ago my whole world was shattered, devastated, crumbled, broken, lonely without anyone’s support.

How I managed to survive through the storm is only by the special grace of God. Damilare was living with my grandma back then in abeokuta and I was doing all that I could to take care of him until few years ago when she also passed on and damilare was taken away to live with my uncle. I had requested custody of my brother damilare several times even before grandma died but was denied.

Damilare is my blood brother It is not possible for me to neglect him but there’s much more to this story than you all know which I’m sorry I will not go into details because it’s a family matter. I am not a heartless person despite the fact that I don’t have it all the little I have I give wholeheartedly.

However, I just want to ask for a favor!! Can Damilare be finally released to me? Can I have my brother Damilare? I promise to take good care of him in my own little way may God help me so. Thank you everyone!! God bless every family out there!!!

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