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Micheal Jackson’s name dropped by elementary school’s hall

Even in death, American pop star, Micheal Jackson is regarded as an icon and often times idolized while his family continues to enjoy financial gains from the name however, certain allegations continues to trail the singer even after his demise

In a now viral documentary, Parents at a Los Angeles elementary school have voted on whether to drop Michael Jackson’s name from the auditorium after damaging pedophilia allegations made against the late pop singer

The drama started after an HBO documentary which alleged that the singer molested two boys when they were seven and 10 years old respectively, reached the media and earned public opinions

As at the time of this report, the results of this week’s vote is yet to be released.  Reacting to the recently concluded vote on the said matter, the principal, Karen Hollis revealed that the school was very much aware of the situation . Hollis added that they were indeed forced to give the opportunity to parents and employees to decide on the issue, following the remarks by some parents and team members about the current name of the auditorium

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