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MI Abaga speaks on what should be done on sexual assault and violence suffered by women

Rapper MI Abaga has spoken out against sexual violence and assault suffered by women at the hands of men.

In a series of tweets in reaction to a viral video showing a man molesting a woman inside a bus, MI Abaga called for a society against such acts.

He wrote: “If there is one thing I hope all men do in this period.. is sit with the women around you and listen, let them share their stories (if they want to) and their experiences on being a woman in our society.. listen and then commit to change.

“It’s about speaking truth to our brothers fathers sons when they transgress.. we can not change the world by just repainting it.. we must tear down the systems that support a society where men can wreak such evil.

“And while we as men listen to truth in this period, let us remember it is not only about the change towards violence, it’s about ensuring that there is equity in your workplaces and schools. It’s about dismantling patriarchy by supporting women into positions of leadership.”

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