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“Why you should heal before having kids” Mercy Johnson shares important advice



Mercy Johnson speaks on healing before having kids

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie has shared a deep message with potential parents.

The movie star, while sharing a mother-daughter moment with her first child, Purity Okojie, advised intending parents on the need to heal before having kids.

According to her, if they don’t get healing, their kids would end up having to heal from having them as a parent.

She noted how pain changes people and makes them trust less, overthink more, and shut people out.

“I love bothering this bestie of mine @theokojiekids.

Heal before having kids, so your kids don’t have to heal from having you as a parent.

Pain changes people, it makes them trust less, overthink more and shut people out”.

Mercy Johnson speaks on healing before having kids

This isn’t the first time the movie star, is offering free advice to her millions of fans.

Mercy Johnson shares a deep message

Days back while celebrating her husband’s birthday, Mercy Johnson Okojie shared a deep message on the importance of family.

The movie star made this known as she shared beautiful moments from her husband’s intimate party on Monday, May 15th, 2023.

The mother of four stated that family isn’t an important thing, it is everything. She further stated that when all the dust is settled, family, faith, and true friends will be all that is left.

“And finally, the team sang for @princeodiokojie. Family is not an important thing; it is everything. When all the dust is settled, family, faith, and true friends will be all that is left”.

Mercy Johnson’s bond with her daughter is coming days after she paid a visit to her father’s office.

Mercy Johnson jealous as daughter, Purity gets special treatment at husband’s office

The politician had taken to his Instagram page to share photos of his daughter’s visit to his new office at the National Assembly.

The 10-year-old had gotten special treatment from her father, which has left her mother, Mercy Johnson feeling jealous.

“See who stormed my office @NASS”.

Commenting on it, Mercy Johnson Okojie had expressed jealousy at the love and bond between her them.

She described her daughter as Daddy’s girl as she complained about the level of cheating in her home.

“The Ojoro in this house ehhhh, lol. Daddy’s girl”.