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Actress Mercy Johnson reacts after being accused of beating and humiliating her daughter’s school teacher with thugs

Mercy Johnson react to beating up daughter's school teacher

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has debunked claims of humiliating her daughter’s school teacher and calling thugs to beat her up for bullying her daughter.

This comes after Mercy Johnson, in a post shared on her Instagram page, said her 8-year-old daughter had been a constant victim of bullying by a teacher, who made her terrified to go to her new school.

Narrating the experience, the bully happened not to be her class teacher but usually showed up at her class every day to intimidate her and tell her she does not like her mom.

On several occasions, Purity had reported to her mom about the bully, but the actress felt she was getting worried over nothing, not until she experienced it herself.

According to the actress, the said teacher punished only her child yesterday after having a small tie with a classmate. Seeing her daughter cry, she decided to approach the teacher politely but ended reporting to the school authorities after the bully said she did not care about the whole situation.

The actress had vowed never to stand by and allow her child to be victimised because of her, adding that before she considered herself a public figure, her duty as a wife and mother to her four kids came first.

Reacting to this, a lady who may have supposedly witnessed the incident in a post shared on Instagram opined that many celebrities often see themselves as ‘Demi-gods’ and questioned why Mercy Johnson would instigate her daughter to cause havoc in her new school.

According to the Lady, Mercy Johnson’s daughter was sent out of her previous school due to the actress’ dementia attitude and the fact that she did not give her children good training.

According to the Lady, Mercy Johnson’s daughter twisted the hand of her fellow student and was called to apologise, and she told the teacher that she would never do it because she wasn’t taught to do so.

However, after much persuasion, Mercy Johnson’s daughter apologised, and the teacher dismissed the student, but her daughter changed the narrative of what happened, and Mercy insulted and humiliated the teacher.

After Mercy Johnson’s altercation with the teacher, the lady said that she still called her husband, who invited three bodyguards to beat up the teacher for supposedly disturbing his wife and child.

The Lady added that the teacher never uttered a word to Mercy Johnson when she dragged and insulted her like a madwoman.

However, Mercy Johnson, in an Instagram Live session at her daughter’s school to clear the air after a lady called her out and countered her post on a teacher bullying her child.

Mercy Johnson questioned the school teachers about humiliating or bringing thugs to beat up any of their staff at the school, and they refitted the claims.

The mother of four, who broke down in tears, said she is pained over the allegation and her daughter being bullied as she is suffering for them; hence would not accept anyone to mistreat them.

Mercy Johnson added that she does not like drama and always being on her lane even when people taunt her. She lamented about being hated by people who peddle rumours about her.

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