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Actress Mercy Aigbe finally shares a glimpse of the man that has her mumu button (video)

Mercy Aigbe

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has left many of her fans curious about who could be the mystery man often called ‘D Owner’ as she shares a glimpse of his face.

Since her marriage with Lanre Gentry crashed, Mercy Aigbe has been linked to several men, including former Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

However, in recent times, Mercy Aigbe revealed she had found another lover, shared numerous gifts and surprises she had received from him but refused to show the man’s identity.

In a new Instagram post, Mercy Aigbe shared a video of the man using her hand to cover the screen, making it difficult to recognise the person.

She wrote: Finally! Y’all meet the one who has my mumu button

Kemi Filani News recalls Mercy Aigbe shared a hilarious encounter with a troll after fighting dirty on a social media blog.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Mercy Aigbe said someone trolled her after commenting on a blog, and she replied, unlike her.

Mercy Aigbe said her reply follows the recent occurrences in the county today, and she is angry at the situation of things happening in the country.

Mercy Aigbe did not disclose what transpired between her and the roll but noted the troll reported her comment and blocked her on social media.

Laughing over the issue, Mercy Aigbe questioned why trolls could stand being trolled and urged netizens to be kind, adding that celebrities are not the country’s problem.

Mercy Aigbe urged her fans and followers to join forces to fight the Nigerian’s common enemy: Bad governance.

She wrote: Something just happened right now! Someone trolled me on a comment I made on a blog! I replied (which usually is unlike me) but today with all what is happening in this country, my blood dey hot!

So I replied and guess what the person not only blocked me but reported deleted my comment and it was deleted! So trolls can’t stand being trolled.

Cowards hiding behind fake pages to troll! So you can’t take what you dish out! What does it take you to be kind! Celebrities are not our problem in this country! Let’s join forces to fight our common enemies! Bad governance! Ogbeni no loose focus!

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