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Media personality Aproko doctor warns on the dangers of using a specific lightening cream

Popular social media doctor, Apoko Doctor, has recently warned people against using famous lightening cream, Carowhite.

He also gave specific reasons on why people should abstain from using Carowhite. He revealed that the recommended dosage that a cream with kojic acid should contain is 1% of kojic acid. However, Carowhite contains more than 1%.

He also stated that a maximum concentration of kojic acid can disturb the hormones in the body and can also lead to some illnesses and diseases besides the fact that it can change your skin color into something unpleasant. He warned people to return Carowhite creams and stop using them as soon as possible.

Now also recall that in March of 2024 Apoko Doctor had queried while there was a craze for milky donuts. He stated that the trend of people eating milky donuts was basically just packed condensed milk inside flour.

In February of 2024, a few days after Valentine’s Day, Apoko Doctor had dished out advice to people to help them avoid heatstroke and the weather. He expressed that people who are currently battling with heat condition in Nigeria should stop wearing suits and thick materials because the weather will only contribute to them having heatstroke.

Also, in 2023, Aproko Doctor had advised Nigerians on the importance of chewing their food before swallowing it. He told Nigerians to always endeavor to chew their food properly before swallowing it because the food will be able to digest properly which in turn will make their body absorb nutrients faster.

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