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Mbong Amata resurfaces after ex-hubby declared her missing (Video)

Jeta and Mbong Amata

Few days after Filmmaker Jeta Amata raised alarm concerning the sudden disappearance of his ex-wife Mbong, she has surfaced to disclaim his allegations.

Amata had claimed Mbong went incommunicado and unreachable for over a year now.

In an Instagram post, Jeta called for help, saying Mbong has not been in contact with their daughter.

He added that no one seems to know anything about Mbong whose last Instagram post was in January when she went shopping for make-up.
“Can someone please just ask why Mbong has been gone from social media all year? No one seems to know anything, and it’s affecting my daughter that no one would tell us,” he wrote. “She wants to see her mother. If she’s not too well, Veno wants to go and be by her side and we need to know to stop worrying,” he wrote.

However, in a video Mbong posted moments ago, she cleared everyone’s doubt, maintaining that she is perfectly fine and there’s no cause for alarm.

The divorced mother of one also appreciated her fans, friends and family members who constantly called, send messages and DMs to check on her.

Although the comment section of the post was turned off by Mbong, she ended her message by saying she is doing well for herself and doesn’t know why her ex-husband who is manipulative is looking for her.

She added that all she ever wanted was to have a fantastic time with her daughter.

Jeta and Mbong got married in 2008, welcomed a daughter, Veno but they separated in 2013 and officially got divorced by 2014.

However, the ex-couple remained within reach since they went separate ways and have also worked on a movie together.


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