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“I can’t imagine what it feels like for you” – May Edochie pens emotional note to Junior Pope’s wife on his posthumous birthday, shares his last messages

May Edochie marks Junior Pope's posthumous birthday

May Edochie, the estranged wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has penned an emotional note to Jennifer Awele, the wife of late actor Junior Pope.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the mother of four, who lost one of her children last year, stated that she can’t imagine what today feels like for her. She noted how posthumous birthdays could refresh all the sad memories and leave them stumped in thoughts.

She, however, admonished her to consider today as a heavenly birthday for him as he is celebrating with the stars. Sending her love and light, she urged her to be strong for her and the kids.

Sharing screenshots of Junior Pope’s last messages to his wife, she threw several questions at him, asking when he would send the next feeding money as she noted how he sent feeding money for March before his untimely death. She questioned when he would send her the footwear he had promised her, who we continue to praise his wife’s beauty now that he is gone and more.

May Edochie described his death as agonising partially because it could have been avoided; however, no one can question God.

“My dear @qutejay,
I can’t imagine what today feels like for you. Posthumous birthdays could refresh all the sad memories and leave one stumped in thoughts.

@qutejay Consider today a heavenly birthday for JP as he celebrates with the stars. I need you to be strong today for you and the kids. Sending you love and light.

JP! You sent feeding money for March; when will you send feeding money for April? What about May? June all the way to Dec? Slide 2.

JP! You said the footwear will be ready soon, when will they be delivered? Slide 3.

JP, you said she is beautifully created, and you always referred to her as the envy of all women; who will envy her now? Slide 4.

JP, how could they say you were no more the same day you sent money just before noon, 11:36, to be precise? Slide 5

JP, honestly, your exit is agonising, maybe cos it feels like it could have been avoided, but who are we to question God? He remains the Alpha and the Omega and the ONLY one that knows tomorrow. I wish you a happy posthumous birthday and pray that the Almighty gives your family and loved ones the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss.

@qutejay, now it all makes sense to me when I decided to airdrop all this stuff over the weekend without any reason.

Continue to RIP JP!”.

It is no longer news that Junior Pope and five others lost their lives after drowning at Anam River on April 10th, 2024.

Yesterday, May 7th, 2024, would have been the actor’s 44th birthday; unfortunately, death took him away.

Some of his colleagues, like Rita Edochie, Nosa Rex, Rachael Okonkwo and Stanley Nwoko, marked his posthumous birthday. Taking the lead, Rita, his godmother, noted how she could no longer celebrate his birthday with him physically. She stated that her heart once more felt shattered as she threw some questions at him, revealing that she takes solace in knowing that he is watching over them.

Nosa Rex, otherwise known as Baba Rex, noted how they would have been celebrating his birthday. However, since he hadn’t been laid to rest, he wished him a happy birthday.

Rachael Okonkwo expressed heartbreak over how she can no longer call him to wish him a happy birthday. She prayed for God to accept his soul and promised he would forever remain in her heart.

Stanley Nwoko noted how this was his first birthday without his family, fans and colleagues. He expressed how saddened his heart is that they can’t see him anymore as he noted how death took him away like a thief; however, he gives thanks to God.

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