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May Edochie must not leave her matrimonial home because her husband cheated – Princess Shyngle

Yul Edochie hails himself for taking responsibility

Controversial Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has dropped her one cent on the trending issue of Yul Edochie and his cheating scandals.

Recall that yesterday the popular actor shocked the internet space  when he officially announced that he has taken a second wife, Judy Austin after she bore him a son. 

On the other hand, Yul Edochie’s first wife, May was not in the know of her husband’s plans to bring in another woman into their matrimonial home which is already blessed with four lovely kids.

Expressing her opinion on the trending issue, Princess Shyngle advised the first wife (May Edochie) not to leave her home, no matter the challenges.

She took to her verified Instagram page where she shared a photo of Yul Edochie and wrote.

“It’s funny how everyone is attacking this man and his baby mama being judgmental about the entire situation as if he’s the first man in history to ever cheat on his wife. Most of the people attacking him literally are living the dirtiest lives, y’all know damn well 99% of all married men in Nigeria have side chicks it’s a normal thing, who do you think is funding the lifestyle of all these big babes , it’s peoples husbands. Most of you ladies attacking this man have all dated or slept with a married man before, some of y’all fathers have cheated on your mom and had a lot of children outside of marriage, some of you married women are cheating on your husbands too but y’all are out her judging and attacking this man for something that has been happening for centuries.”

Princess Shyngle added, “Stop with the fakeness abeg, we all have dirty disgusting skeletons in our closets, stop judging people for their sins and mind y’all business you are not God. I pray his wife doesn’t listen to advices from online in-laws and leave her husband, he made a mistake like most married men it’s just sad that he is famous and sloppy so he got caught, but don’t leave your husband oh abeg , as long as he is not physically assaulting you, he is providing for you and your children please stay and forgive him. The street is empty oh no man Dey so hold your own . By the way I’m not supporting his actions in anyway all I’m saying is that let’s stop judging him as if we are perfect and let’s stay out of married folks business . If you like insult me I don’t care , me ar nor get shame oh.”

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