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“Everyone is angry” – Mary Njoku weighs in on the changes in the country as she probes Nigerians

Mary Njoku says everyone in Nigeria is angry

Nollywood actress and filmmaker Mary Njoku, who is currently overseas furthering her education, probed Nigerians on the situation in the country.

She noted how it was just a few weeks since she left the country, yet there have been several changes, like the change in the National anthem, shutdown of local airports, shutdown of power Grid and more.

She questioned if there was any other news she should be aware of in the country as she urged Nigerians not to close the gate because she missed home.

“How’s Naija fam?

I left for weeks, una don shut down local airport, off power grid, everybody dey vex, una even change National anthem.

Any other news I should be aware of?

Any news? I am doing a ‘Japada’ o! Hope say una never close gate for Nigeria? I miss home”.

Mary Njoku says everyone in Nigeria is angry

The Organized Labour had embarked on the strike to push for an improvement in workers’ minimum wage. While the Organized Labour proposes N494,000 as a new minimum wage, the Nigerian government insists on paying N60,000.

Mary Njoku is one of the few celebrities who has been outspoken about the hardship in the country since President Tinubu’s tenure.

During the festive period, Mary Njoku had cried out over the hardship and state of the economy in the country, revealing that she went shopping and spent N100k at the supermarket, yet her trolley was not full. A bewildered Mary noted how the ‘Sapa’ (poverty) in Nigeria is on a high as she questioned what the minimum wage is.

She had also cried out after she paid 664 naira for the toll gate. Mary noted how it now takes more than the minimum monthly wage to fill the car tank as she questioned if she was cheated.

Additionally, Njoku had reacted to the disparity between the dollar and the naira. The founder of ROK Studios cried out over the current dollar rate while questioning Nigerians on how they survived the difficult economy.

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