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“It is not fair, give your favorite some privacy” Mary Njoku sends message to airport cleaners

Mary Njoku message to airport cleaners

Nollywood actress and wife of Iroko TV boss, Mary Remmy Njoku has sent a message to cleaners at airports.

The mother of three told them to give their favorite celebrities privacy when using the bathroom, as she pointed out how standing in front of the door and asking if they need help is not fair.

Noting how using the toilet is a personal task, she lamented over how someone can’t fart in peace without feeling embarrassed.

She added that they should always leave the tissues in the toilet as handing some few sheets and asking if it will be enough is ridiculous.

Concluding her message to them, she added that any tip that is meant for them will not pass them by.

“Dear Cleaners at the airport, y’all are doing a great job.
But please, give your Favs some privacy to use the bathroom! Standing in front of the door, and asking if they need help is not fair!
It is a PERSONAL Task!
Someone cannot even fart in peace.

And please! Leave the tissues in the toilet. Handing someone Fe sheets and asking if it will be enough is ridiculous!

Give people Privacy! And any tip that is meant for you will not pass you by in Jesus name”.

Mary Njoku message to airport cleaners

Some weeks back, Mary Njoku had posed an important question to celebrities on life after stardom.

Pointing out how no one stays at the top forever, Mary questioned what would become of them once their fame ended.

She further asked if they have a real life to fall back on or have burnt down their real life.

In more recent news, Mary had cried out over the hardship and state of the economy in the country, revealing that she went shopping and spent N100k at the supermarket, yet her trolley was not full.

A bewildered Mary noted how the ‘Sapa’ (poverty) in Nigeria is on a high as she questioned what the minimum wage is.

The movie star further questioned how the average citizens are planning for Christmas.

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