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“I spent N100k at the supermarket and my trolley was not full” Mary Njoku laments

Mary Njoku reveals she spent N100k at a supermarket

Nollywood actress and ROK studios CEO, Mary Remmy Njoku has cried out over the hardship and state of the economy in the country.

The mother of three, via her Instagram page, revealed that she went shopping and spent N100k at the supermarket, yet her trolley was not full.

A bewildered Mary noted how the ‘Sapa’ (poverty) in Nigeria is on a high as she questioned what the minimum wage is.

The movie star further questioned how the average citizens are planning for Christmas.

The sapa in Nigeria has gone Pro Max!!

How is the average man planning for Christmas?

This is crãzy!! I spent 100k at the supermarket and the trolley no full. How is minimum wage?”.

Mary Njoku reveals she spent N100k at a supermarket

A few days back, Mary had cried out over the situation of things in the country.

The wife of Iroko boss, Jason Njoku revealed that she paid 664 naira for the toll gate, questioning if it has become a norm or if she was cheated.

She noted how it now takes more than the minimum monthly wage to fill the tank of a car.

Mary Njoku isn’t the only celebrity who has cried out over the hardship in the country.

Weeks back, Iyabo Ojo while reacting to the government’s decision to give N8k monthly to poor Nigerians, pondered on if Nigerians have the strength to hold on before they reap the imaginary Renewed Hope.

The single mother of two noted how there is serious hunger in the land and the government’s palliative plan is just a joke & slap.

Also, Wumi Toriola had lamented over the hike in fuel, and how she switches her thoughts about the country.

Wumi noted how middle scrap has been scrapped as it’s whether one is rich or poor.

Also, Mabel Makun, the beautiful wife of comedian, Ayo Makun while bemoaning the current state of things in the country, lamented over the exchange rate, which she noted is killing businesses.

She further lamented how life’s basic needs are now luxury and everything is high and noted how an average common man can no longer afford a loaf of bread and how parents withdraw their kids from schools for home tutors.

To add to the list, Kemi Afolabi had called out the Nigerian government to stop suffocating the citizens.

The actress decried the hike in the price of everything, which had made the country move from bad to worse, urging the government to have mercy on the masses.

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