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Actress Mary Lazarus’s single status gets her intense prayers from nephews (Video)



Mary Lazarus and her nephew

Nollywood actress Mary Lazarus has shared an hilarious voice note of her nephews praying for her.

The actress was left in awe of her nephew’s powerful prayer skills.

Mary revealed that she had surprised her nephews by sending them money for passing their exams.

In appreciation for her sweet gesture, her nephews bombarded her with prayers.

Their main prayer point was for God to give her a good husband.

Now, whenever she does something for them, they pray for God to give her husband.

“Sent my Nephews money for passing their exams in school… They wake me up with prayers everyday. Na only husband matter dem dey pray for me… Buy toys for Dem… God will bless you with a good husband…. Buy whatever… Good husband… God”.

In similar news, Alesh Sanni was amazed after his nephew made an over-the-top demand for his birthday.

The actor’s nephew, Maleek, who clocked 11 years a few months back, had given the actor a list of his birthday party plans.

Alesh shared a screenshot of his chats with him where he demanded two birthday parties.

The 11 years told the actor that he didn’t want to do his birthday for one day.

According to him, his birthday would last two days. The first day would be a beach party, and the second day’s activity is in his dad’s hands.

Reacting to it, he stated that he doesn’t know what to do with his nephew.

The actor put his nephew for sale as he had given up on him.

“I dunno what to do about this my boy early Monday morning, talking about celebrating his 11th birthday for two days. Abeg I wan sell Maleek ooo…tired of him already”.