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‘Marriage isn’t my priority, and I really hope to keep my baby off social media’ Actress Ini Edo

Marriage isn't my priority, and I really hope to keep my baby off social media' Actress Ini Edo

Nollywood actress Ini Edo has revealed marriage isn’t her priority but more focused on taking care of her child and positive energies on motherhood.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Ini Edo, in an interview with Stella Dimoko Korkus, opened up on having a baby through surrogacy and how beautiful it feels to be a mother.

Although Ini Edo did not reveal the sperm donor, she noted the eggs belonged to her, insinuating that the baby is genetically her blood.

Ini Edo added that she was looking forward to the first birthday to tell the beautiful story of her motherhood, but mischief-makers beat her to it and spoilt the story with lies.

The beautiful Nollywood actress said she would keep her baby off social media and ensure that everything about her life is private.

On having any plans about marriage, Ini Edo said marriage isn’t her priority because it is not a bed of roses, considering the distractions and complications that come with it.

Ini Edo added that she is in the phase of taking care of her child, focusing on positive energies on motherhood and running businesses.

Will you flaunt your baby on social media soon like some of your celebrity colleagues?

I really hope to keep my baby off the social media, and this was why I’ve been reluctant putting her out there.
I would love to keep everything about her private for now. There are a lot of celebrities whose children are not growing up on the social media pages and living normal lives.. That is how I want it to be for my daughter… it is a choice to put her out there or not and i choose to keep her private.

Any plans to get married?

Right now, marriage isn’t my priority, I’ve been married before and it wasn’t exactly a bed of Roses. Marriage is a good thing instituted by God and ultimately most people’s desire but I am not just crazy about the distractions and the complications that come with it.. I am not against it though..

I’m in the phase of taking care of my child and focusing my positive energies on motherhood and my running businesses. This is all i have time for right now and shun all negative news or energy…..

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