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“Maraji is partly right, but the only way to God is through Yeshua and not Jesus” – Reno Omokri claims

Reno Omokri has expressed his thoughts on the controversy generated from the statement Instagram influencer, Maraji, made yesterday, Monday, August 12th.

Recall that Maraji, the Social media influencer in a post shared on her Instagram page, stated that Jesus is the only way to heaven. 

This obviously didn’t go down well with some Nigerians, as she received a lot of backlash from those who believed she was attempting to dismiss other religions, particularly the Muslims who are currently celebrating Eid Mubarak.

However, reacting through his Instagram page, Reno said that Maraji is partly right. 
He pointed out that the only way to God is Yeshua and not Jesus that is popularly known in the Christian faith. 

Reno says his research has shown that the original name for the son of God who came down to die for Christians was named Yeshua but was changed to Jesus by Europeans  that had occult agenda. 

Read what he wrote: “1- @Maraji_ is partly right. The ONLY way to God is through Yeshua, not Jesus. I use Jesus at times, so as not to confuse people. But in the church I pastored, we use strictly Yeshua. The truth is that YESHUA was changed to JESUS by Europeans with an occult agenda #YeshuaNotJesus . 

 He added: “Some of the names/doctrines you read in The Bible have been changed. In fact, there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between The Bible and The Scriptures. The Bible is a European version of The Scriptures. The Scriptures are the original scripts written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. I wish Christians can be like Muslims in that we read The Scriptures in the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE. I went to Israel, Ethiopia, Rome, Turkey and Greece to study pre-European Christianity. If I say what  I discovered, I will be labelled an anti Christ. But let me just say that the Son of God who lived on Earth 2000 years ago is Yeshu’a, not Jesus #YeshuaNotJesus.”

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