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“Many Nigerian influencers will not get married” Nedu Wazobia reveals on honest bunch podcast



Popular Nigerian comedian Nedu Wazobia recently shared his views on the likelihood of Nigerian influencers getting married during an episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast.

He expressed his skepticism about many influencers tying the knot due to the way they are viewed in the society

Nedu, known for his humorous and yet controversial remarks, drew from his own experiences working with influencers to express his perspective. He explained that he understands how men think, especially when it has to do with relationships.

According to him, most men are hesitant to commit to influencers who frequently post pictures and videos of their exposed bodies.

He stated that men often discuss these intimate details with each other, making it less appealing for them to consider marrying an influencer based on their public image.

Nedu however revealed that he hoped the influencers would get married. However, despite his desire to see the influencers find happiness in marriage, he acknowledged that it would be difficult due to the promiscuous lifestyle that many of them lead.

Nedu’s remark on the podcast is not the first time he has offered his unfiltered opinions on relationships and dating.

Back in May, he had discussed the challenges of finding love in Lekki. He explained that the pursuit of money often takes center stage over genuine affection in Lagos making it more challenging to find authentic love compared to other parts of the country.

Nedu has also previously shared his unique perspective on the role of side chicks in relationships. During a discussion with BBNaija’s Ike and other notable personalities, he offered a light-hearted prayer for side chicks, acknowledging w chicks as a source of peace for married men who keep them around.