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Man to be beaten 80 strokes of cane for calling sister-in-law a prostitute

A Sharia court sitting at Magajin Gar, Kaduna state has ordered a man, Shuaibu Umar who called his sister in-law, Suwaiba Abdulkadir a prostitute to receive a judgement of 80 strokes of cane.

Suwaiba Abdulkadir filed a case against her brother-in-law, Shuaibu of defamation of character after they had a little misunderstanding.

“Shuaibu is my husband’s younger brother and we had a misunderstanding; we exchanged words and he called me a prostitute.

“I want this honorable court to grant me justice, as what my brother-in-law said about me has tarnished my image,’’ she said.

Shuaibu however agreed calling his sister in law a prostitute and admitted he did it under aggression and thus, have no regret whatsoever for calling her such.

“I was hurt when she called me a drug addict and a thief; that was why I called her a prostitute and I won’t go back on my words,’’ he said.

The judge, Mallam Dahiru Lawal, ruled that Umar be given 80 lashes of cane after giving him a chance to withdraw his statement, which he refused to do.

“The defendant confirmed calling his sister-in-law a prostitute and is not ready to withdraw the statement; therefore, I, Dahiru Lawal, rule that Shuaibu Umar be given 80 strokes of cane.

“This is in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad which state that one cannot accuse a person of adultery or fornication except he presents four witnesses who have seen the activity.

“He is to receive 80 strokes of cane in place of the person he accused, because he has defamed the person’s character,’’ the judge ruled.


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