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Man allegedly gets attacked by his girlfriend for chatting up another lady up during a date

An Abuja based man has reportedly been attacked by his girlfriend while on a date with her.

According to a reports, drama ensued when the man who was on a date with his girlfriend stood up and went to have a conversation with another lady.

His girlfriend patiently waited for his conversation with the ‘new mystery lady’ to end but after fifteen minutes, she flared up and attacked him with a bottle.

The incident was said to have occurred at a garden in Abuja

Twitter user who witnessed, and shared the story said;
“Happening now at a garden in Abuja. Brother comes in with a girl for karaoke night, few minutes later another girl sings reggae so beautifully. Brother gets up, leaves his girl, grabs a chair and has been gisting with the reggae chic for over 15 minutes.

His girl threatens to break his head then leaves. She comes in a minute later with a bottle, and now brother is on the floor shouting. As I’m tweeting this, I’m on my way to my house – to your tents oh Israel

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