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“Is there no longer respect in this industry” – Drama as veteran actor, Lubulubu issues warning to his junior colleague, Ayinla (Video)

Lubulubu drags Ayinla

There seems to be a class between veteran Yoruba actor, Otunba Omo Ajibike otherwise known as Lubulubu and his junior colleague, Ayinla.

Taking to his Instagram page, Lubulubu had noted how he wanted to play peace maker between Ayinla and his friend, but got disrespected in the end. He claimed that his junior colleague had private chatted him, telling him he was older than him.

Questioning if there is no respect in the industry anymore, he noted how he is older than Ayinla in age and in longevity in the industry. He told him not to get carried away with his status as a cleric or he would risk his wrath.

“I wanted to play peace maker between you and your friend and you’re now private chatting him, telling me you senior me. Is anything wrong with you? Is there no respect in the industry anymore? Should we even talk about age of who is older in the industry? Don’t think because you are now an Alfa, you can do anything. Don’t cross my path o, because if you do, you will regret that you are an Alfa. You know the kind of person that I am. Let your head be correct. This is my last warning. Let me just be quiet Sha”.

Replying him, Ayinla debunked his claims of private chatting him as he noted how the actor was the one who reached out to him privately. He claimed that he and the veteran are in the same age group as he questioned his age. He admitted that though Lubulubu might be older than him and is his boss in the industry, the game gap wouldn’t be long. He warned the actor not to repeat such again.

“Baba, I didn’t cross your path nor did I private chat you. I didn’t private chat you, you were the one who chatted me and I replied that as my elder brother I will think about you, but it doesn’t mean I was rude to you.

If I call you my elder brother, Baba we are in the same age group, how old are you? I know what is doing you, you want to trend. I accept that you are my boss and you’re older than me, but the years you use to senior me isn’t long. Don’t say that again”.

Lubulubu hit back questioning who gave him the audacity to trade words with him.

In 2022, veteran actresses, Fausat Balogun and Fali Werepe had clashed at Yinka Quadri’s 63rd birthday party. The drama started when the latter countered Madam Saje’s statement at the star-studded party.

Madam Saje, who took it as an insult, claimed she was a senior to Fali Werepe in the Nollywood industry and Fali Werepe, who wasn’t holding any grudge against the actress, said she only called her attention to her exaggeration. However the ladies were able to settle their differences.

Just recently, Yoruba actress Motilola Akinlami boldly called out her senior colleague, Kunle Afod and his wife, Desola Afod for sabotaging her career.

Motilola shared a lengthy video and poured out her heart about the ill treatment she had been receiving from her other colleagues due to Kunle Afod’s interference. She narrated how Kunle Afod’s wife, Desola Afod slandered her on social media with numerous allegations which she never committed. She went on to plead with Kunle to desist from defaming her because she was no longer interested in having a relationship with him.

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