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“Love is a joke in this generation” – Singer Skales cries out

In a recent interview, Singer Skales took to his Instagram story to cry out over his idea of love. He expressed that love is a complete joke in this generation.

He further stated that he missed his mom. The Booty Singer revealed that he felt so lonely in the world as he complained about love being bullshit. He advised his fans and followers to learn to love strategically.


Skales went on to lament about the fact that he had no family at all. He advised people to hold God close because at the end of the day, nobody has your best interests at heart.


He further revealed that this is the most broken that he has ever felt because he misses his mother and they would have been on a call right now. He adviced that people should endeavor to make sure that they are not broke.

In the last days of March, Skales had proudly revealed that BobRisky was like family to him. The Shake Body Singer announced that he had come out to support his family while pointing at BobRisky who was seated next to him.

He also revealed that BobRisky was somebody who was very admirable. This statement and the video surprised a lot of netizens.

Back in February of 2024, singer Skales had revealed that he had been the brain behind Wizkid’s popular song Wiz Party. The Musician revealed that he wrote the song for Wizkid.

He also revealed that he had been the person to write most of Wizkid’s best songs because he used to help Wizkid back in the day with a lot of songwriting.

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