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‘Looking for more clients?’ – Angry fans react to comedian Ashmusy’s cleavage revealing post

Several reactions have trailed the recent post of popular skit maker, Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy.

Ashmusy who is also a social media Influencer posted a video of herself rocking a cleavage revealing dress while dancing to a song.

She further revealed via the caption that that’s how she intends dancing into her husband’s house some day.

However, her choice of outfit was an issue for some of her followers who took to the comment section to call her out.

@OkoyeCordelia wrote: Are we going to die if we cover our body? Asking for a friend.

@Legitjydegram wrote: Looking for more clients Ashmusy. We the men association on your profile don see you all. All your videos, you must show your backside, shake am or do something to behave like Turkey for show glass. Next time naked patapata.”

Recall that a few days ago, Ashmusy revealed how she almost died while making a skit recently.

According to her, she was shooting a scene at the sea and she almost drowned in the process.

She had no life jacket on because it was a video shoot. The reason she didn’t drown was because she held unto a boat with the tip of her finger, while some people tried to rescue her.

She was already saying her last prayer as her finger slipped off the boat she held unto.She said her prayer, while confessing her sins and forgave those who offended her.

She revealed that she was already gulping dirty water into her lungs as she was going deeper into the sea. She added that her mouth and nose were filled with dirty water and she couldn’t breathe well.

“Guys, I almost drowned in the sea. My life just flashed before my very own eye while creating content oo.
“Before they could send me a rope and save me, I was already going down down. I was just saying, dear God, forgive me my sin and accept me into your blossom please.
“The only thing in my head was my mom will cry so much. At a point, I forgave everyone I was angry with. I was ready to go. I just wanted to be free from the sun and meet God.
“This life is somehow ooo, make we no dey make am hard for each other. Any one can go at anytime.
“The reason I didn’t drown and die was because I held a boat with the tip of my finger.”
She later revealed that she had to go to the hospital after she was saved as she had drank too much dirty water.
And one of her nails forcefully pulled off and was bleeding.

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