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“Funke Akindele has been there for over 2 decades” Lizzy Jay replies man who trolls female celebrities over liposuction drama

LIzzy jay

Famous Nigerian skit maker and actress Adeyela Omobola, otherwise known as Lizzy Jay or Iya Ibadan has replied to a troll who attacked celebrities for influencing the youths in the wrong direction.

This is following the viral story of a 20-year-old lady who died during a liposuction surgery in Lagos, due to an alleged fault of the doctor.

The video sparked mixed reactions online as many dragged the deceased for taking such steps while some supported her choice.

A video that circulated online captured a man criticising the unethical advice given by many celebrities, claiming that they are setting a bad example for the younger generation, despite their role as mentors and influencers in society.

In the video, he said: ‘I blame female celebrities because all they do is promote their yansh online, and then they post houses, cars and all the younger girls who look up to them think that from the yansh that is house, they buy these things.’

This video prompted a reaction from Lizzy Jay who gave her two cents regarding the incident and also used top actresses, Funke Akindele, Kate Henshaw, and Toyin Abraham as points of reference.

Lizzy Jay highlighted the fact that Funke Akindele and Toyin Abraham who had been breaking records at the Box office did not deem it fit to increase their body shape.

She claimed these two celebrities were worthy of emulation and that not all celebrities should be blamed for a decision taken by an individual.

“They see Funke Akindele a veteran Actress that has been there for over 2 decades, Funke Akindele that made over 630Million naira on Battle on Buka Street, they didn’t emulate her, They see Toyin Abraham (Mama no get big Yansh but she commands millions in the box office). They see Kate Henshaw that goes to the Gym everyday, they didn’t emulate her rather they chose to emulate The celebrities that are doing Yansh and flaunting wealths. What does that tell you? That people have options, everyone has options, but we choose the one that suits us.

“I do understand that we have a lot of negative things on social media, but at the same time there are also thousands of positive things to Emulate…We can’t blame others for the decisions people make about their own lives. Yoruba will say that “Eni ti won ba ko ni ika to shey, Ika wa ninu e tele ni, Meaning if they teach you wickedness and you do it, it’s because you already have wickedness in you”.

“At the end of the day, it all boils down to the INDIVIDUAL and CONTENTMENT, if you are contented with what you have, other people’s way of life will never intimidate you..Celebrity or Not.

“Even if you have role models, role models are not God, just like you they are humans living their lives without Manual, it’s left for you to filter things and pick what is best for you. We as individuals need to work on ourselves and HAVE MINDS OF OUR OWN.

“I understand there’s something called “PEER PRESSURE” but you see ehn, I believe people who allow peer to pressure them are people who are already nursing
some unhappiness and dissatisfaction about their own lives.”

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