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“Why I have never experienced heartbreak” – Actress Lizzy Gold reveals

Lizzy Gold speaks on heartbreak

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold has revealed why she has never experienced heartbreak.

The movie star, taking to her Instagram page, stated that her heart is made of Kpomo and before anyone could think of serving her breakfast, she had already served them.

According to Lizzy, she doesn’t love with her head but with her shoulders, so if her lover tries to misbehave, she will just drop them. Lizzy further made it known that she doesn’t easily catch feelings and is always quick to move on and forget her exes.

The single mother added that she has a delete bottom all in her head and once she is done with a man, she deletes all their memories. Lizzy further told her future partner that they must marry first before she catches feelings.

“I have never experienced heartbreak. My heart is made of Kpomo. Before you think of serving me breakfast I have already served you. I don’t love with my head. I love with my shoulders so if you try to misbehave I will just drop you. I don’t easily catch feelings.

I move on so easily and forget you ever existed …I have a delete button app in my head, once am done with you I just delete all your memories…we must marry first before I catch feelings. To those currently going through heartbreak my sincere condolence”.

Lizzy Gold speaks on heartbreak

Last year, Lizzy Gold opened up about her personal life, revealing that she is a single mother of two and has never been married as she gave reasons for her action.

The Asaba movie star left many stunned when she claimed that she hadn’t had s3x in four years.

In other news, Lizzy had paid tribute to Yul Edochie, revealing the one thing she loves about Yul which is his passion for his work.

The upcoming movie star made it known that her brand name in Nollywood cannot be written without Yul’s name being mentioned.

This wasn’t hard to believe as Yul had once revealed how he transformed Lizzy into a movie star. He narrated how he reached out to her during the Corona Era, and how she was hesitant to work with him but later agreed and that shot her to wide fame.

He went on to take credit for her new level of fame and bragged about his impact on her life.

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