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“Why I am not trending like Anita Brown, others” Davido’s alleged Kenyan side chick spills

Lilly N reveals why she isn't trending like Davido's other babymamas

Lilly N, the alleged Kenyan side chick of Davido, claiming to be pregnant for the singer has revealed why she isn’t trending like his other incoming baby mamas.

The lady via her Instagram story averred that the reason she’s not trending is because she hasn’t undergone plastic surgeries like other alleged pregnant side chicks of the crooner.

Sharing a clip of her showing off her natural curves, she went on to brag about being comfortable in her skin.

Shading her counterparts, she noted that she naturally possesses what the other ladies are paying for.

Lilly also described herself as an individual who loves privacy while stating that other ladies are in search of fame, hence the callouts.

Praying for her counterparts to find their game in clout chasing, she added that she enjoys minding her business.

“Someone said I’m not trending as Davido’s baby mama bc I haven’t gotten any plastic surgery done.
Y’all crack me up.
I’ve been a lil shorty thickum all my life.
I’m comfortable in my own skin.

Women are paying to get what God has given me naturally…like I have said before, some of us love our privacy. The ladies who are searching for fame. Let them find it. I’mma be here minding my peace. Thank you”.

Lilly N reveals why she isn't trending like Davido's other babymamas

Davido has been making headlines for over a week now following allegations leveled against him by some ladies, who claim to be pregnant for him.

Anita Brown accuses Davido of impregnating her

Taking the lead, a US-based entrepreneur sparked a frenzy online after she claimed the singer impregnated her.

The lady by name, Anita Brown, in a series of posts shared on her IG page, claimed that she is expecting a child with the singer.

She alleged that she met Davido in Dubai, in 2017 and that it was never a one-night stand. She shared screenshots of their purported love messages between them.

Anita Brown also shared a video of her conducting a pregnancy test, where the result read positive.

Ivanna Bay accuses Davido of impregnating her

Following her footstep, a French lady, by the name, of Ivanna Bay also accused the singer of also impregnating her.

The real estate agent, who is based in Paris, shared screenshots of her alleged correspondence with Davido, on Instagram and WhatsApp about her pregnancy.

She expressed disappointment in Davido as she cautioned women to be careful.

Pendo Stacy unveils Davido as former lover, flaunts his boxers as evidence

Also, a Kenyan socialite Pendo Stacy made sensational allegations about her alleged romantic involvement with Davido.

Pendo Stacy revealed her alleged relationship with Davido on a TV program where she displayed Davido’s boxers as evidence of their intimate encounter.

“I got a souvenir on that day. I had to carry a boxer. I love Davido that much” she said while displaying the boxers on the TV program.

Topping the list was a lady by the name, Chisom who accused Davido of forcing her to have an abortion with a promise of gifting her N10 million.

However, in a surprising twist, Chisom has tendered an apology to Davido claiming that she has lost her job and family members following her accusation.

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