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Let’s tell you about Ubi Franklin’s babymama (photos)

It is no longer news that the marriage of serial entrepreneur Ubi Franklin to actress Lilian Esoro has hit the rocks over a year ago, it is not even news that Ubi had a child out of wedlock which could be one of the reasons for the marriage crisis.

What many do not know as we speak is the woman who had Ubi Franklin’s first child… She however called attention to herself yesterday when Ubi had his 32nd birthday.

The young beautiful woman who calls herself the ‘Igala Finest’ took to her page to wish her baby daddy a happy birthday posting photos of Ubi with his two children Zaneta and Jayden.

Ubi had also acknowledged the message with a comment.

A closer look through the page of Mama Zee as she is called shows that she holds her baby daddy in high esteem but is patiently waiting to find the man who would marry her and take her daughter as his, an indication that she is no longer in an intimate relationship with Ubi as many have assumed.

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Ubi’s baby mama
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