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Lepacious Bose reveals why she loves Ghanaians

Lepacious bose

Lepacious Bose has now in a recent interview revealed one striking thing about Ghanaians and that is why she loves them.

According to her, she loves the Ghanaians because they are real and they don’t bleach compared to Nigerians who do bleach.

The comedienne was at an event in Ghana where she granted an interview. During the interview, she talked about the Ghanaian foods she enjoys.

She said:

“I also love the fact that most Ghanainas are real. The average Ghanaian is real.

“And they don’t bleach… Well, most of them don’t.

“So, when I’m in Ghana, I feel at home. We’re all black together.

She adds:

“In Nigeria, sometimes I’m like… where am I?

According to a source, she went on to make a funny face, insinuating that a number of Nigerians bleach a lot, making them unrecognizable.

Some months back, the weight loss expert in an Instagram post responded to those criticizing her for not being “successful” yet.

Read her post below:

I have learnt not to judge my success in life by the standard of the world but by my battles and struggles.
It’s interesting to see how people compare me with others, their luxurious cars, their beautiful mansions, their amazing family etc. People have said to me why are you not like so and so, why are you not doing this and that like so and so, why are you not on this show or why has this person not interviewed you or why were you not in this movie….. Hmmm
That is YOUR definition of success not mine.

Oh I want to live in mansions and fly First Class trips round the world too don’t get me wrong: but I have walked through fire, I have lived rent free in hell, I have known indescribable emotional pain that even the closet people to Me can only imagine. I have performed in comedy shows, got standing ovations while I drove home in tears and pains. I have taken picture perfect pictures while my scars hurt through my smiles.

For me simply surviving day by day is great success, rising above my personal pain is super success.
Emi ni eni ti araye ti rope mio le da nkan Se, sugbon mo ri anu re gba Olu Orun, loba MI Se.
There is more to life than your bank account and people’s opinion lol, sometimes what you think you want so badly will not give you joy when you finally get it…. Trust me, I know this lol.

The true definition of success is to find true happiness not based on what you have or what people think you have, not based on your spouse or your children, not because the world approves it but because deep within you there is peace, joy and tranquility.

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