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Lepacious Bose gives shocking reasons she stopped watching BBNaija show

Nigerian comedienne, Lepacious Bose, has given reasons she stopped watching Big brother Naija TV reality show.

The rib cracker who is also a fitness trainer, made a post in collaboration to what another comedian, Koffi said about chasing clout on behalf of Tacha.

“One of the reasons I stopped watching the show years ago! I think after Uti’s set or so!  I know people enjoy it and all but the energy, anger, bitterness, passion, aggression etc that goes into it is super scary! So much misplaced priorities! I think we should read more of the book of REVELATION than other parts of the Bible! We need REVELATION…. in the REAL SENSE!”

Koffi had written: “Hurts to see what we have become #Repost from @tesleemraji with @regram.app … Misplaced priorities, we all saw the school with a big open roof, no gofund account was opened to fix that, thousands of kids are out of school, daily kidnapping, police brutality, lack of basic amenities, bad educational system, no good hospitals, corrupt government officials, pensions not paid, 97% unemployment rate etc..una no get head to think, our future is been stolen from us, no lay down future plans for our kids and you are still shouting OPERATION RELEASE TASHA, at your age…una need deliverance from 20 pastors and 20 Alfas… Eyin ode”.

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