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Lepacious Bose fires shots at Tope Alabi’s supporters

Tope Alabi and Adeyinka

Popular Nigerian Comedienne, actress and entertainer, Bimbo Ogunboye better known as Lepacious Bose has expressed her position on the current fued between Yoruba gospel artists, Tope Alabi and Adeyinka Alaseyori.

While reacting to celebrities call out by actor Seun Jimoh, who criticized his colleagues for siding Yinka against Tope Alabi, Bose maintained that she sees nothing wrong in people calling a spade a spade.

For Lepacious Bose standing with Yinka doesn’t mean one is against Tope, likewise posting Yinka’s song on social media meaning one is attacking Tope.
‘Why does one mean you are for or against the other?’, she asked rhetorically.

Adding, “You people are the ones that create war where there is none! If aunty Tope spoke against a song and people make a post saying they like the song how does that mean they are dissing aunty Tope? Must people hate the song because they want to look loyal? Can’t we like both of them? Why must you make this an industry war? Why must it be taking sides!
It’s so disgusting the comments am reading and people attacking those who posted Yinka’s video as if it is disloyalty to aunty Tope! They are not at war! Tope talk her own, people talk their own ….. Shikenah. If celebrities no talk una go call them yeyebrities; if they they do una go abuse them, if dem take sides wahala! Being popular in this country is really a burden ooo! They are to blame for all the problems of the world! Any side they stand is wrong! O ma se ooo!
So because they like one person they must hate the other? It’s just not fair! Whatever they do na attack! Make dem talk during Endsars. When they did una attack them. When dem silent una attack them! LasLas na una bi the evil weh dey stoke the fire! May God have mercy on us ALL!!!”

Kemifilani will recall that a video of Tope Alabi mocking Adeyinka’s hit song ‘Oniduromi Mi eseun o’ (my guarantor, I’m grateful), went viral on social media few hours ago.

In the video making the rounds on social media, Tope Alabi said God isn’t her guarantor because He’s more than a guarantor.

According to Tope Alabi, if Adeyinka Alaseyori had sung the song from the Holy Spirit’s leading, she would understand that God is more than a guarantor and will not say such a word.

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