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Actor Lege Miami mocks Late Alaafin’s wife, Queen Dami as she hunts for love (Video)



Lege Miami slams Queen Dami

Queen Dami, one of the estranged wives of the late Alaafin of Oyo, has been mocked by actor, Lege Miami for hunting for love.

Lege Miami has a dating show, where he matchmakes singles, and Queen Dami had hopped into his dating site.

Being his usual self, Lege had made fun of her for looking for a husband wearing covered-up outfits.

While introducing her to the audience, he rudely remarked on her desperate hunt for a husband yet wearing big outfits.

The controversial actor ordered the estranged queen to wear skimpy outfits as well as speak in English.

He stated that the estranged wife of the monarch has to speak in English even if she had to struggle he was in the video.

Queen Dami’s marriage to late Alaafin crashes

Queen Damilola’s marriage to the late monarch crashed after she was locked up in a cell after allegedly going against a palace rule, an act that prompted her to leave her marriage and run away from the palace for Lagos on April 2021.

After her release from the cell, Queen Damilola, in a post shared on her Instagram page on Sunday 31st October 2021, apologized to the monarch stating that frustration and some friends had misled her to leave the palace.

Dami added that some things are not more evident to her, and she is sorry for dragging the royal family in the mud.

Queen Damilola begged the royal monarch to forgive her and accept her back into the palace.

Amidst her public apology, the Alaafin of Oyo shunned her and failed to let her back into his palace.

Queen Dami and mother disgraced out of palace after showing up to claim inheritance

When the news of the Alaafin’s death broke out, Queen Dami stormed the palace, however, she was disgraced.

The Queen was disgraced out of the palace alongside her mother after she showed up with mourners to claim her inheritance from the late ruler’s wealth.

Queen Dami breaks silence after being disgraced from the palace

Breaking her silence, Queen Dami took to her Instagram page to share a throwback video of the traditional ruler.

Queen Dami said the Alaafin would forever be in his heart.

She wrote: IKU You will forever be in my heart. Continue Rest In Peace Daddy OBA.