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“Learn not to criticize what you know nothing about” – Ka3na responds to public backlash about serving marine spirits

Ka3na addreses tha backlash she faced after a video of her performing aboloitions in water surfaced online.

A few weeks ago, a video surfaced of BBNaija’s Ka3na performing abolitions in a river, alongside another lady, while wearing a traditional white wrapper, and holding a goat.

This video sparked a lot of controversy online, with a lot of netizens criticizing her for her most of worship.

The reality television star has come out with a response to the backlash she faced from Nigeria. She first started by comparing her water worship video, with another video from a gospel singer, who went to the riverside to sing Christian music.

Ka3na also said that her fans should tell her difference between her video and that of the gospel singer.

In her caption, Ka3na added that people shouldn’t be quick to criticize what they know nothing about. She also said that she believes in the Alpha and the Omega, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a proud marine worshiper.

Ka3na’s fans shared their opinions about both videos, and here’s what they had to say;

kadivest.clothing wrote, “Honestly there were waters on the surface of the earth even before
creation and there were powers hovering around the waters! Now water came first, give the waters it’s regard and give God his regard! Which ever you choose do not criticize another for choosing theirs so love it for you”

ayomide_loye wrote, “You can’t serve 2 masters it’s either God or mammon so stop deceiving ur self, you can’t mock God”

domale wrote, “The goat sacrifice is the difference, Christian believe Jesus Christ is a living sacrifice for us.”

pretty_helen_jonah wrote, “The only difference is that, you did sacrifice. while Christians believe that Jesus offer himself as a living sacrifice”

ibadanlawa wrote, “This is so manipulative to be very honest. You sure know that there is a big difference between what you were doing and what the singer was doing. Do what you want in peace don’t try to manipulate gullible people”

amerita wrote, “How do u even compare a true worship to God with your mami water worship?”

tijent_styles wrote, “The difference is clear. Pls don’t be deceived. The former is a Christian but what you are doing is idol worshipping. This post is too immature. There’s no wisdom in it. When Jesus passed through the sea/waters, we know but when people eorship things from waters, we’ll understand. So yours and his doesn’t match. By their fruits, We shall know them”

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