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Lawyers storm out from their NBA concert during Portable’s performance (Video)



Portable and NBA lawyers

During an NBA concert for lawyers in Abuja, Portable was called to perform on stage and the reaction that greeted his arrival was everything but welcoming.

The lawyers who were seated for the event immediately took to their heels when he started performing. A lot of them wore expressions of disdain as they left with many stating that he was not the appropriate artist for such a prestigious event.

His performance also caused a lot of ruckus in the event area, disrupting the earlier organization of the concert. Portable is yet to make a statement on the people’s obvious disapproval of him and his performance.

Below are some reactions of netizens concerning his performance;

One berniceben1985 had this to say,

“They did the right thing,you can imagine an artiste like Portable performing there, if they make pim, my guy go change am for them. Everybody cannot be mad at the same time.

One kbalogz had this to say,

“Why una sef go carry portable come lawyers gathering 2 …when no be Eyo festival .”.

One dammy Jay had this to say,

“Dem don dey run for portable again 3) Shey he dey smell niks)”

One sir walteromoruyi had this to say

“If the organizers are not st*pid. Of all the artists in Nigeria is portable they could afford. It’s a big shame on NBA”

One Michelle had this to say,

“Dem dey fear make the guy no pounce on them…anything can happen”

One focus.231 had this to say,

“Why reasonable human being will be listening to portable song…… They’re educated now & le i never use my subscription download any portable useless song”

One the elm hell had this to say,

Lawyers dey do something.. dem no con see any artists call but Portable? Dem gan sef

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