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“How can we help?” Laura Ikeji politely offers to assist Tinubu do his job

Lara Ikeji, in a new move, has addressed President Tinubu over the current Nigerian economy. 

In her Instagram story, she pleads and begs the Nigerian government while she even sacrifices herself to step in to assist the government as the current Nigerian economy is rapidly declining. 

In her words, she says, 

“Dear President Tinubu and his government, please how can we, the citizens, help? Looks like you guys are stuck. Let’s help. How can we, please?”

Also recall that just a few weeks back, Kemi Filani had reported that Lara Ikeji had given birth to her baby.  In December of 2023, she had welcomed her third child, a girl. She had also shared the news on her Instagram page while she thanked God for a safe delivery. 

Now, just a few hours ago, Kemi Filani had reported that Laura Ikeji had got a new tattoo of her children. The tattoo reads ROCK, LAUREL, CHANEL, which are all the names of her three children.

She also counted her blessings as she showed off the new tattoos of her children. The mother of three shared this new development with her fans and followers on her respective social media pages. 

Back in 2023, Lara Ikeji had been involved in some controversy with Iyabo Ojo during the Real Housewives of Lagos show. A pregnant Lara Ikeji had slammed Iyabo Ojo for constantly being a bully and not being woman enough to step up and accept that she was a bully. Also, Lara had loudly declared that she had no respect for Iyabo Ojo. 

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