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“You will not understand why I was termed a ‘runs girl'” Laura Ikeji drags Caroline Danjuma

Caroline Danjuma accuses Laura Ikeji of been a runs girl

Nollywood actress, Caroline Hutchins and brand influencer and younger sister of celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji, Laura Ikeji have opened can of worms on each other.

In the latest episode of their reality show, Housewives of Lagos, Caroline Danjuma and Chioma Ikokwu had left many of the co-stars furious when they arrived late at an event.

Laura who was still upset over their behavior took to their WhatsApp group chat to lash out at her co-stars.

She boldly stated that the next time there is a gathering, she would make sure she turned up late if the show organisers can not caution the ladies.

“Will drop this here, the next time there is a gathering of all the ladies and it’s lunch, I’ll make sure I put my kids to sleep, then start my make up, hair and dress for dinner. If the () can’t caution some of the ladies then y’all need to start with our full them”.

Knowing fully well that Laura was talking to her, Caroline fired back at her.

She noted how she and Laura would never have been in the same class or level if not for the show.

“Laura in real live I won’t be any close to you…too big for such. You have been leaving terrible comments concerning me and really I do not care anymore. The entire team of this show can test that out of all of us I am always the first or second on time. Do not take one moment of coming late due to circumstances beyond my control to insult me I will not tolerate that”.

Things escalated between the two as they spilled dirt’s about each other.

Caroline called Laura a “gutter pig” who only feeds off her sister’s wealth.

Caroline said, “You gutter pig. Even with the cheap money you are still lost. You are glad you are on this shit with me. Useless cheap skate. I don’t rub shoulder with no name”.

“Your level is based on your sister. You are an oportune pig”.

Laura replied, “At least I didn’t fuck little boys in my husband’s house. I wasn’t thrown out without a dime”.

“You think everyone is like u. As pretty as u re nothing to show for it. No house, no decent livelihood”.

Things worsen when Caroline accused Laura Ikeji of doing runs.

Rumours making rounds claimed Caroline had once met Laura at an event where she was with a sugar daddy.

Laura wrote, “U re a bastard to say I have been pimped. Never don runs never will. U will not understand”.

She added, “Too big to be close to me. U are not bigger than me or richer than me…no one has regards for u in the industry, no one. I feel bad that I’m saying this but dang!! Carol u got no level. I’ve worked all my life, everything I have or own I worked for. Carol don’t go there with me. Everyone in the industry thinks u are trash! Stop it Caro. U re delusional, delusional of grandeur is what they call it. I don’t take commercial jet ass! What do u do for a living? FOHWTS”.

Caroline and Laura nasty fight
Caroline and Laura nasty fight
Caroline and Laura nasty fight
Caroline and Laura nasty fight
Caroline and Laura nasty fight
Caroline and Laura nasty fight
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