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“Where were you when I started my acting career at age 16” Laide Bakare questions trolls as she issues them warning

Laide Bakare reflects on career journey as she slams trolls

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare has blown hot a trolls as she reflects on her career journey.

Sharing an old clip of her on a movie set, she questioned where her trolls were when she started her acting career 16 years ago. She noted how most of them weren’t even born then.

Laide made it known that she wouldn’t be tolerating such trolls, who she referred to as lunatics, in her comment section. She made them know that she would give it back to them unless she didn’t see their nasty comments.

“Where were you when I started my Acting career at Age 16? Most of these trolls were not even born. I will not be tolerating such lunat!c commenters moving forward. If you come you go collect exempt I did not see it. @simlineboss I think it’s time you also get started Boss Click the link in my Bio to download my new book. It will be the most interesting book you ever read in recent times”.

Weeks back, Laide had reacted to the criticisms she received over her outfit at her book launch. Speaking out, Laide stated that her outfit was a costume and she was playing along with the script. She made her critics know that she was the one who wrote the script and designed it. Telling them to open their brains, she questioned how they could know better than her.

In another post, Laide questioned why netizens weren’t talking about her hair, which was 100 percent human hair and worth 1.8 million naira.

Her choice of outfit surprisingly led to a public spat between her and Eniola Badmus who made a mockery of her outfit, comparing her to Pastor Ajidara.

Not one to take a shot lightly, Laide Bakare replied her as she noted how Eniola Badmus and some of her colleagues don’t celebrate her when she wins but are always looking out for her mistakes. She stated that the movie star couldn’t hide it anymore as she made her fans know that Eniola was looking for her trouble.

Laide noted how she isn’t a troublemaker as she questioned why people love to bully her a lot. She noted how Eniola Badmus has been her childhood friend, however, she is assured that God will fight her battle.

In 2022, Laide reacted to the rumors claiming that she had different sugar daddies bankrolling her ‘all of a sudden’ luxurious lifestyle.

This came after she had splashed millions on acquiring two luxury cars; an acquisition that came barely a month after unveiling her N100million Mansion in the heart of Lekki. She revealed that she got them to compensate herself for her years of hard work and labor, but many didn’t believe it was just hard work.

She claimed that if indeed she was sleeping around as the rumor claimed, her pussy will have expanded in vain. The movie star had then gone on to tease her newly launched book for those questioning her source of wealth and had promised to share how her daughter, Simi played a pivotal role in her life.

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