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“It was a mistake and Ruger shouldn’t be angry if he is a good artist” Lady who assaulted singer speaks up

Lady who assaulted Ruger speaks out

The lady who made headlines on Sunday, March 27 for grabbing the genitals of singer, Ruger has spoken out.

The lady identified as joy justice begged Nigerians to stop insulting and dragging her.

According to her, it was a mistake and at such she shouldn’t be cursed.

She even contradicted herself when she said she saw something that caught her attention and she decided to grab it.

She shockingly stated that if the singer is offended by her actions then he isn’t a good artiste.

She added that she didn’t kill anybody but only held ones genitals and at such people should let her be.

“I am not saying I am not sorry for what I did but I don’t like the fact that everybody is cursing at me. I just hold something, I didn’t kill anybody and if he is angry that I held his thing then he is nit a good artist. Why would he be angry? I didn’t mean to hold it. Like, I meant to embrace him but my hand touched there and it was a mistake probably. Please nobody should curse me, please it was a mistake, I saw something, I said let me hold it, is it now a crime? Can’t I hold it”.


Kemi Filani news recalls that a video of the lady who sexually harassed singer Ruger elicited anger from the public.

The internet went agog when a video of fast rising singer, Rugger been sexually assaulted hit the internet.

The singer who was thrilling crowds at an event got the shock of his life when a lady unashamedly held his private part.

In the video, Ruger could be seen enjoying his performance and singing to his hit song, Dior until a lady touched his private part and wanted to squeeze.

Ruger immediately pushed her hand away and ended his performance.

Many were expecting to see the lady feeling remorseful about her actions, but we were wrong as the lady continued dancing like nothing happened.

The lady made the move after the singer avoided her on stage. Earlier before the incident, she had stepped on the stage to dance with him and Ruger had paid no regards to her.

In retaliation, she held his crotch and was unbothered even when he stormed off the stage.



  1. Anonymous

    March 31, 2022 at 6:06 pm

    sorry mr ruger she said it was a mistake please forgive and forget.

  2. Harmless

    May 11, 2022 at 8:49 am

    If that lady thinks it’s a good thing, will she let someone she doesn’t know to put his hand in her vagina

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