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“I’ve lost my job and family” Lady who accused Davido of abortion cries out, tenders deep apology to the singer

Chisom apologises to Davido over abortion claims

Chisom, the Nigerian young lady who accused Davido of forcing her to get rid of their unborn baby has tendered an apology to him.

Kemi Filani reported days back that Chisom had accused Davido of impregnating her and forcing her to have abortion. She alleged that Davido had promised to give her N10 million if she carried out his instruction, which he didn’t fulfill.

Now taking to her Instagram story, Chisom claimed that she has lost her job and has been disowned by her family over her allegation about the singer.

According to Chisom, she has lost her job, friends, family, and opportunities because she called the artiste out.

Via her Instagram story, Chisom apologized to Nigerians for dragging their fave and promised not to repeat it.

She wrote:

“I just lost my job, family, and friends even the brand am working for …. I sincerely apologize to David for dragging HIM out like that .. and also Nigerians for dragging your favorite. I apologize…”.

Chisom apologises to Davido over abortion claims

“Chioma had abortions before they had a son” Anita Brown drops bombshell revelation

This is coming after a US-based entrepreneur claimed that she is pregnant for the singer and he had asked her to abort it.

In her series of rants, Anita Brown claimed that Davido had forced his wife, Chioma to have abortions before they welcomed their son, Ifeanyi, who is now late.

According to her, the singer loves abortion and expected every woman he impregnated to terminate the pregnancy.

“Y’all keep playing with me. I’d start accepting these interviews I’m being asked to do!
That’s my next step!
Talk about what a womanizer that man is. Getting all these diff women pregnant. Trying to convince everyone to have an abortion and blaming it on his dead child.

I can see why he loves abortion, his wife had a few of them before they finally got a son. Fucking evil ass people. From the time I knew you, you have been having females calling about babies and abortion. Dirt Bag! I could never

Expressing her frustration with Davido, Anita Brown said, “The only reason it wasn’t the right time to have my baby according to him was not because of a wife but the wrong time. The other day was a warm-up! I got an ace in the hole. Don’t let me play my entire hand! Ask about me!”

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